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Today we are going to review Hiptrends.shop, in this review of hiptrends you will get to know whether this shop is real or fake and you will also get the answer to this whether you will recommend Hiptrends.shop or not?

Hiptrends.shop [An online store] they have a huge range of items and the prices are very affordable.

Shoppers will get up to 70 percent off! On very special products at amazing sale cost! For a limited time!!


  • URL: https://hiptrends.shop/
  • Connection of Hiptrends is: secure
  • The domain of Hiptrends, created on: 22-august-2021 [check: whois.com]
  • The domain of Hiptrends will expire on 22-august-2022
  • Email: support@garmera.com
  • Address: unavailable
  • Number: unavailable
  • Shipping time: 4-14 business days
  • Delivery charges: free
  • Return: return within 30-days
  • Hiptrends Customers review? Unavailable

Hiptrends-positive Highlights

  • Secure connection
  • Free delivery on all orders
  • Easy product return within thirty days

Hiptrends.shop: selling items at a reasonable price! Not a trustworthy shop!

Hiptrends located at https://hiptrends.shop/ is selling their products at reasonable prices but, this is not a trustworthy-shop:


Hiptrends.shop website is very clunky; this shop was opened on 22-august-2021 but, it is not updated since then.

The customer support staff of hiptrends will be unavailable as they have updated only scam email on its contact information page. No contact number and location are visible on hiptrends contact page. Their customer service is a nightmare; customers will have trouble in contacting hiptrends.

Hiptrends has:

  • Scam email
  • Unavailable location
  • Unavailable contact number

Email of hiptrends is not matching with its site domain like other scam websites it is also using support@ prefix on its email, other scam sites at least mention their site-domain in its email suffix but hiptrends is not using its site domain-name.

Hiptrends do not provide:

  • Cash on delivery

Hiptrends have not properly mentioned its transaction information only it has mentioned that they provide a hundred percent secure payment but when clicked on any product buy-now they will not properly show you how they are accepting transaction.

Who owns Hiptrends.shop? It is un-known

About us, page is missing on Hiptrends.shop they have shortly described about their store at the bottom of its page but they have only mentioned that: they brings you the best-products to make their customers feel good in every-way and we choose items at the best quality and at the best cost but, they should also mention their owners’ information as it is the main priority of legitimate website to mention its owners’ information.

Hiptrends has:

  • Unfavorable online reviews
  • Unavailable customers review


Shoppers will have strange experience and trouble shopping from Hiptrends.shop as this shop is a scam shop so please avoid shopping from hiptrends.

Please beware of Hiptrends.shop! Thank you…