Technology has bought a great & huge change in our daily life; we all are extremely dependent on technology and without it, we are not able to do anything easily and conveniently. With the great impact of technology, we need good technological items to make our modern life easy. is the latest technological trends online store that claims to sell various latest-technological trend products and useful electronic products at an unbeatable bargain cost.

Now it’s really important for everyone to know about online store whether it is worth shopping technological items & useful electronic items. online store! Found suspicious!

At you will find useful electronic items and technological trends such as Hardware, Headphones, speakers, game console, Cameras, TV, PC, smartphones, etc at unique prices.

Services provided by store:

  • Free product shipping until 30-November-2021
  • Ship products within forty-eight hours
  • Gives hundred days money-back guarantee categorized as suspicious technological trends online shopping site:

Why? has designed its store very smartly means this store has made full efforts to look real but, we have done deep research on store to show you the actual reality of this shopping store.

Here are some negative highlights of, which make this online store suspicious.


  • If you will look forward to contact holemann customer support staff then you will not able to contact them as they haven’t provided you their contact number. They have only provided their mail-id but the provided email id does not look real.
  • On the information page of holemann, it is mentioned that online store was founded in the year 2005 but when you will check domain registrar then you will get to know that holemann domain by registered on:18-July-2021
  • Products are available at an unrealistic-unbeatable bargain prices.
  • Who owns online store? This is unrevealed.
  • This shopping store is not maintained-professionally.
  • Details updated on are not relevant; most of the details updated seems suspicious.
  • The products are roughly categorized such as hardware, apple, TV, PC audio, gaming, notebook, software, fixed line & telephony, office, E-bikes, grill, tablet, grill, outdoor, garden, toys, tools, etc and the products are not of any-brand.
  • You will not find the correct/legit telephone number.
  • The interface of is untidy means it is not maintained-properly.
  • How to pay charges for your purchased? Your payment will not be secured as the payment details are not mentioned in a proper way.
  • You will not get your order on COD [cash on delivery] as COD is not available on any order.
  • You may not able to return your default or damaged product as the return policy of is unavailable.


We do not recommend store as we found as a suspicious technological trends store.

What’s your view on shopping store? Please do share your views on technological trend store in the comment section.

Please beware of! Thank you.