As the winter season is coming so during this season, common cold is really a common issue. The most common and effective home remedies for cold is easily available at your kitchen and also one of the effective way of curing cold is proper rest.

Here we are going to share such remedies for cold which are easily available at your kitchen easily.

Onion, garlic and honey

Take onion and cut its slices after slicing the onion but that into a jar now, take garlic cloves and crush it and one tablespoon of honey, now add a half cup of warm water into it after this your cold relief drink is ready. Sip this drink two or three times in a day.

Black ginger tea

Take a container and add some water it, now boil the water after boiling the water add some tea leaves to it and crushed ginger after this, boil this mixture for few minutes, and then your black ginger tea is ready. Have this mixture to treat your cold.

Honey tea

Honey provides the most effective relief from the cold so mix two tablespoon honey with the warm water or you can add honey in your herbal tea and then drink this honey water or honey tea mixture twice in a day.

Drink warm water

Warm water is soothing and it will give you relief from cold so drink warm water.


Ginger has several health benefits one of which is that it gives relief from cold. Put some slices of raw ginger into a warm water steam the ginger slices for few minutes then drink this water.

Turmeric and milk

Mix turmeric with warm milk and then drink it this is the most effective way to fight against cold. To get faster recovery from cold drink turmeric- milk before sleeping.

 Lemon ginger tea

Take four cup of water pour it into a container then boil it, take one lemon and cut into a slices and also add some ginger slices to it then strain it and drink it.