The “Honda 70th anniversary celebration” is a complete scam message which is not issued by Honda services. The message is sent by online scammers who want to steal your personal information by deceiving you in winning the Honda scooter by answering some questions which include your personal information.

But, even after answering the survey, you wouldn’t receive any scooter by Honda because it’s a fake survey held by cyber thugs only to gain your important details so they can use them for their own benefit.

Know how it works:

A message will be sent to your phone via a link about “Honda 70th Anniversary”. The message says that you could win a scooter by participating in a survey by filling in your details like address and some other important details in the provided link. In the message, it is mentioned that after 5 to 6 days a brand new scooter will be sent to your address.

But don’t fall for this scam because even some days you won’t be receiving any scooter because it is a new trick used by scammers to gather your important details for their own purpose.

Important Detail:

Honda Nepal also posted a message regarding the “Honda 70th anniversary” message on their website saying:

“That they do not promote any kind of celebration message which requests you to submit your details in the provided link mentioned in the message. Please do not provide your details to such a link because it is a spam message that opens in a fake website congratulating you on winning a Honda scooter.

If you have also received such a message regarding the celebration of “Honda 70th anniversary” or any other message similar to this, then:

  • Do not open the link.
  • Don’t share it with others.
  • Delete it immediately.
  • Do not provide your valuable information without doing any research about it.
  • Report it as a spam message.

Also, share this review with your friends and family members through your social media and make them aware of these ongoing text scams.