On any online platform have you heard anything about hortonway.com? Not really so, nothingends is here to begin conversation about this newly released shopping site.

Hortonway.com: Might be newly updated scam site!

Hortonway located at-https://hortonway.com/ is categorized as: newly updated suspicious site but, why?

Hortonway.com Review: Real or scam place for shopping?


  • URL: https://hortonway.com/
  • Connection of hortonway: secure
  • Email: available
  • Location: available
  • Calling number: unavailable
  • Social media link: unavailable
  • Payment mode: only-PayPal
  • Return policy: 14-days policy
  • Customers review: unavailable
  • Online review: unavailable

Now, after showing hortonway highlights, we will explain why this new site is categorized as newly updated suspicious-site.


  • The domain of hortonway is too new and has short age; scammer’s updates short domain-age sites that close within one year.
  • The email address mentioned on hortonway is totally different from the domain/website name.
  • Users will not able to see this store presence on social platform.
  • Customer’s won’t be able to get the answers of their questions as the contact sources of this site are unavailable including company calling number.
  • The payment mode of hortonway is un-trustworthy.
  • Hortonway is selling hoka shoes, which they might not provide as it is using other logo.
  • All policies including Return policy of hortonway is shady.
  • This site is using fully-copied content.
  • Who owns hortonway? Not known.
  • The interface of hortonway is fishy.
  • Scam location is updated on hortonway for scamming people.
  • There are conversation regarding this site nor online and nor on the official site.


Hortonway is showing all the features of suspicious site hence, nothing ends do not recommend hortonway.