Now a day’s headache problem is commonly found in everyone from old people to children and the main cause of headache is stress or consumption of unhealthy food, apart from this spending a lot of time in front of the TV, computer and mobile phones but, unwilling we all spends time on all this and we all can’t run out of this so, only we can do is to take care of our health and create a healthy lifestyle.

In today’s article, we will share some natural ways to get rid of headache, by following these remedies for getting rid of headache.

Head- massage

Massage for at least fifteen to twenty minutes around the shoulders, back of the head, and also the temples. You can massage your head by your own or you can hire a therapist for massaging. Head massage will help you to cure your shoulder-tension and chronic-neck that causes head pain.


For instant head pain relief ginger is an effective remedy. Ginger reduces the blood-vessels inflammation in the head. Consume ginger and lemon juice by adding it into the water and then drink it or you can add ginger to your tea.


Acupressure is a type of massage, which is a form of reflex therapy acupuncture, for this first you have to take a comfortable position, and then after this take relax completely; this massage does not take your much time at least for one minute.  There are six main points to get rid of headache quickly and easily.  All you have to do is to massage a point in a circular motion with slightly light press.  You should know this that usually, headache disappears during the massage or five to ten minutes after doing massage.

  • Massage on the point that is situated between the eyebrows, in the place where the bridge of your nose passes into the forehead. This point is also responsible for the eye fatigue removal.
  • Or massage the symmetrical Points situated at the base of the inner edge of the eyebrows.
  • Massage behind your head in the middle between the ear and the beginning of the spine, massaging this portion helps to relieve nasal congestion pain in the ear. Eyes and severe headache and migraine.

Hydrate yourself

Dehydration is the most common cause due to which headache occurs so, you should remain hydrated by drinking –water. You can also add foods to your diet that contain high water such as cucumber, watermelon, and many more such foods.

Take a warm bath

Take a warm bath this will provide you relax and this may also help you to lessen down the muscles pain. If you are suffering from a tension headache then all you have to do is to keep a heating pad on your head back-side or you can keep it on your neck.

Lavender oil

Lavender not only has good fragrance but it is also an effective way for curing headache. Put some drops of lavender oil into boiling water then take steam of this water.  Another way you have is to mix essential lavender oil along with the coconut oil and then massage with lavender-coconut oil on your forehead.


If you do not give your body a proper rest, that you will definitely face headache problem. Too much sleep or less sleep may also cause – headache so, you should give your body a proper rest.


Meditation is an efficient way of curing headache. Sit comfortably and the regulate your breath UN-till you feel relaxed.