The Winter season is arriving! The season which brings joy from inside but not every time as we all faces some health problems such as common cold, sore throat, asthma, flu, and many such health problems and also skin problems during the winter season so, we naturally want to stay cozy and healthy that’s why you all need to take care of yourself. The Winter season has its own grace but with this, its grace fades due to some health and beauty-related problems. In this content, we are going to tell you about how to take care of yourself during the winter season.

Use lukewarm water

Many people will suggest you that wash your face with warm water during winters but in actuality, it’s not good to wash your face with hot water. Your Skin is an important part of your look and beauty so you really need to take care of your skin especially during the winter season. If you really love your skin then you should avoid warm water. Use lukewarm to wash your face or to take shower because if you will use hot water, then your skin will get dry instantly. Try to avoid hot water for bathing, hot water tends to strip the skin off its natural oil, it tends to dry out your skin even more so instead of using hot water, use lukewarm water.

Protect your skin

During winters we all should protect ourselves from dirt, wind or cold so cover your face with your scarf. Your skin is the essential part of your beauty so take special care of it during winters.

Stay hydrated

During winter’s the air is dryer due to this dry air, water gets evaporated from the human body easily thus, everyone should stay hydrated during the winter season.


During winters your skin gets dry easily and also cracked. To prevent dryness during winters regularly apply moisturizer after taking shower or after washing your face. During winters apply moisturizer immediately after taking bath, when your skin is still moist. After bathing it is the right time to moisturize your skin. Applying moisturizer after taking shower will seal the water layer on the skin and also it will keep your skin hydrated for a long period of time.

Use sunscreen



It is really important for you to regularly apply sunscreen even during the winter season. A lot of people feel that because it is cloudy outside and it is not sunny during winters so, they can go outside without applying sunscreen but this is not absolutely right because the clouds do not block the UV radiation that’s why you have to apply sunscreen.

Use glycerin soap for bathing

If you have dry skin then you don’t need to use soap on daily basis, you can use soap on your gentle area. If you have dry skin then there is no requirement for you to use soap on a daily basis and even if you have oily skin then make sure you use a mild soap or a glycerin-based soap to take a bath.