There are numerous home remedies to treat mild burns that people must try. In this post, we will list some effective and quick home remedies for treating burns.

You all will admit this that all types of burns (severe or minor) are really painful so, to get relief from a mild burn, the following- addressed home remedies can help you to quickly, safely, and effectively treat mild burns.


Honey is also a helpful natural remedy for treating burns due to its antibiotic nature. Honey cools down the burn, helps to heal the skin, and also gives you relief from the burning pain. Dip a cotton ball into a teaspoon of honey and then massage your burning affected area with the honey.

Tea bags:

Black tea draw heats from the mild burns due to tannic acid present in it, this will make the burns less painful so, treat your burn by keeping the used black tea bags aside and placing three or four cool- wet tea bag on the burning portion and place the tea bags for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Try this method twice in a day regularly.

Cool down the burn with cool water:

Immediately afterburn, the very basic step you should do is to run cold water over your burning portion, do this basic first aid for at least twenty minutes. This basic step has effective effects on your skin like it cools down the skin, prevents your further injury, swelling and also it soothe the burns.

Note: Please do not use ice or ice water on your burning area because ice can restrict the flow of your blood to the skin that may cause further more damage to the tissues.

Clean your burning area:

After running cold water on your burning part, it is really important for you to clear your burning area. To prevent infection gently clean the burning portion.

 Aloe vera:

Aloe vera can heal any wounds as it is the best healer due to its anti-inflammatory and also anti-bacterial properties. Aloe vera is the most popular natural home remedy for a burn. Aloe vera also promotes effective circulation around the burning portion and thus restricts the bacterial growth on that affected burning portion.

White minty toothpaste:

After running the burn under cold water immediately apply white minty toothpaste over it and before washing, keep it for 15-minutes. Do this method once, due to the minty nature the white minty toothpaste soothes the mild burn and reduces the pain.


Acetic acid is presented on the vinegar due to which the vinegar can give relief from pain and infection. The vinegar pulls down the heat from the burning area that will cure your pain naturally. Dip a cotton swab on the vinegar and dab it gently on the burnt portion.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is filled with vitamin E which is an effective source of healing the skin. Vitamin E treats your burn as well as heals your skin. You can add lemon juice with the coconut oil for massaging your marks, coconut oil will helps in healing, while the lemon juice will lighten your scars due to its acidic- nature.