Hseyl com is a newly registered online shop that is using the yeti brand for promoting their shop. Visitors should check this online shop Reviews to know why this is a scam yeti shop and why they should think before shopping from this store. Like Hseyl com there is another scam yeti shop, we have also shown the true face of that scam yeti shop. You can view it by visiting our site scam category: Enmtw com

Like Hseyl com there is more such fake yeti online store such as:





Why Hseyl com is a scam shop?

Hseyl com is a scam yeti shop due to the following addressed points:


Similar to another newly registered scam store:

This online shop is using the yeti-brand logo, selling this brand product, and also this shop is similar to enmtw com which is also using the same brand. Both the online shops are newly registered in the same month and year, only their date is different. The domain of both online shops will expire too soon.

Lowest price yeti brand products:

Hseyl is an online shop that offers collections of hard and soft coolers of the yeti brand at a low price; this is not the expected price as the yeti brand is so expensive but this website is selling yeti brand products at unbelievable prices, this is the negative highlight of this online store.

True identity is hidden:

The true identity of this online shop is hidden like the founder name, foundation date, business address, and number.

Matches with other online shops:

The theme and the content of this website matches with other scam shops like onceut.com, wcumir.com, Enmtw com, hseyl.com, usyeticooler.cc and also they are misusing the same brand i.e. yeti

Another brand logo:

This online shop is not using its brand name logo instead of using its own brand name logo this shop is using the yeti brand logo, this is also a negative point.

No activated social links:

This website has shared its social connectivity links but those links are not activating.

Negative review:

The Hseyl online shop has negative online reviews apart from this Hseyl has no feedback from the online shoppers.

Fake email address:

The email address of this online shop is fake, the website has a different brand logo and its email address- nadagzhccz@gmail.com  is not matching with the brand and website name.


We bind-up Hseyl com Review by declaring this online shop as a scam yeti shop so; please do not prefer this online shop.

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