Reports of online shopping fraud have increased so; don’t get scammed by fake shopping stores, Do proper research before you buy from any fake online store. is a new online shopping store, is innewcl a new fake shopping store do check-out this store Review!

Know about innewcl: innewcl is a men’s online store that sells men’s fashion products at an extremely manageable price.

Innewcl sells varieties of men’s items online but, is innewcl a fake online-store for men’s? for this, do check out review.

Collection lists:

  • Solid color t-shirt
  • Coat and jacket
  • Socks
  • Belt
  • Baseball uniform jacket
  • Bag
  • Knitted shirts and sweaters
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Casual and polo shirt
  • Printed shirt
  • Business and middle east suits
  • Sports suits
  • Long sleeve t-shirt
  • Winter shirt
  • Boots
  • Blazer
  • Hoodies

If you will properly check innewcl reviews properly then, you may get saved from shopping scams.


  • URL:
  • The connection of innewcl is: secure
  • The domain of innewcl, created on: 23/July/2021 [check:]
  • Email:
  • Office Location: un-available
  • Office number: unavailable
  • Payment option: PayPal
  • Social-connection: given Instagram and Facebook connection link
  • Return: provided thirty days exchange and return
  • Return condition: items should not be used, return only when you find your order damaged and defective
  • Delivery: worldwide
  • According to scamdoc: has one percent trust-index
  • Innewcl has very-low traffic.
  • Receiving time: sum of shipping and processing time.
  • Processing time: three-ten days
  • Shipping cost: free shipping cost on items of dollar 69.00+
  • Shipping time: express shipping time: three-eight business days, free shipping time: seven-forty five business days
  • Product cancellation? Accepts product-cancellation
  • Reviews? Unavailable men’s fake online store!

Innewcl located at is categorized as a men’s fake shopping store:


  • To avoid shopping frauds read many reviews on the shopping store itself or you can Google it, to know others view about it. You can’t read any reviews on innewcl as this men’s shopping store there are no online customers review.
  • Male models’ faces are cropped on this men’s online store so, this might be probably a fraudulent shopping store.
  • Innewcl does not allow men’s products on ‘cash on delivery’.
  • Social media pages link are present on this store but, the social-media page links do not belong to this online-store. The social link of innewcl belongs to other men’s online store.
  • Designer men’s fashion products are found at the extremely lowest price which is too good to be real so it may probably be a scam.
  • As a mode of contacting innewcl has provided only email address which sounds suspicious. This men’s online store has not provided other contact modes like their office number and location.
  • Owners’ information is not posted by innewcl on its shopping store. Who owns innewcl? It is unknown.
  • Return, refund, and other policies of innewcl do not sound fair so, avoid this men’s online store.


Do not fall victim to shopping scammers by trusting men’s shop as; we found men’s online shop as a scam- online shop. After proper investigation, we found that innewcl is not a trustworthy men’s online store.


You need to be extra careful, not to fall into the trap of shopping scammers.

Please beware of! Thank you…

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