is delivering watches; air Jordan & other sneakers at an effective price but is this shop genuine or a scam? Read this review to know its authenticity.

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Is this shop genuine? Review: Is this shop genuine or a scam? is an online shop launched in 2022 that claims to sell high-quality goods but red flags are attached to such as:

  • The domain of was registered 6 months back and will turn off next year, this creates a trust-issue.
  • Who owns Not Known.
  • The contact methods of are not genuine.
  • The social media links of are unavailable.
  • Interconnect shop is offering multiple transaction methods but they are not protected methods.
  • The trust level of Interconnect shop is low.
  • Online reviews of Interconnect shop are negative.


Is Interconnect shop genuine? Interconnect shop located at: is not a genuine shop, it’s a scam.