Fruits are nutritious, they have several varieties, colors, and have a yummy taste. Fruits are enriched with dietary fibers, minerals & vitamins due to which the fruits have natural medicinal nature. You all may have heard some facts about fruits but do you know these interesting facts about fruits that we have mentioned in our today’s post.

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#interesting fact no.1

“Did you known”? When you eat two Bananas’ Sixty minutes before doing gym, this provides you enough energy for ninety minutes of intense-workout.

#interesting fact no.2

Fruits are very colorful and delicious but do you know? Colors such as yellow, orange, and red make you all hungry.

#interesting fact no.3

We all want this that we should have powerful memory especially while learning so for improving your memory you can eat walnuts. Do you-know? While learning if you eat walnuts, then walnuts can help you in improving memory.

#interesting fact no.4

We all consider the pineapple as a single -fruit but, this fruit is not single; it is a bulk of berries that are fused together.

#interesting fact no.5

You all have heard about berries such as raspberries and strawberries but they are not actual berries. Tomatoes and banana’s are actual berries.

#interesting fact no.6

India’s national fruit?  “It’s mango” but mango is not only India’s- national fruit, but it is also a national fruit of “The Philippines” and “Pakistan”.

#interesting fact no.7

Instead of consuming coffee, consume apples because the most reliable way of staying awake is the consumption of apples.

#interesting fact no.8

Pomegranate can be loaded with one thousand seeds, whereas strawberries can be loaded with two hundred seeds.

#interesting fact no.9

Peaches, raspberries, and apples all these fruits are family members of the rose family.

#interesting fact no.10

Per year only one pineapple produces from each pineapple tree.

#interesting fact no.11

Kiwi is filled with more vitamin C than oranges.

#interesting fact no.12

Avocados and pumpkins are not vegetables, they are fruits.