Heartsouthern.com is an e-commerce website. The website recently started working in the online market approx 5 months ago.

The online market is full of websites that provides clothing, accessories, and other necessary products.

But there are also many scam sites out there that pose as genuine websites and defraud people by tricking them into exciting offers.

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The website- Heartsouthern.com is another shopping website that provides women’s clothing and other accessories.

About- Heartsouthern

Heartsouthern.com is an e-commerce store that deals with women’s clothing and other necessary items and accessories.

The website is only working on the online market for five months. The creation date of the website is 18/May/2021 and the domain of the website will expire the next year on the same date and month on 18/May/2022.

The website is only providing its service to people for just a year. After that, the website will be removed from the online market.

The website sells dresses, tops, bottoms, skirts, jackets, vests, crop-tops, shoes, and other accessories at fair prices.

Free gifts are also available on the order over $79. The website also offers customers with 10% discount on their first order.

-$5 off on orders over $79

-$8 off on $89 products

-$15 off on order over $120

Website Description:

Website URL: https://www.heartsouthern.com/

Email: service@heartsouthern.com

Company Name: Pujiang Tongyuan Trading Co., LTD

Address: No.97, Qili New District, Xianhua Street, Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province

Contact No: +8618116050451

Worldwide Delivery: Available

Free Shipping: Over $99

Return: within 30 days of delivery

Payment Method: PayPal

Social Media Links: Facebook, Instagram

Creation Date: 18-05-2021

Expiry Date: 18-05-2021

Now we will point out some details regarding the website legitimacy.

  • WHOIS Data:

The WHOIS record of heartsouthern.com does not reveal any database regarding their company & owner details.

The only details present on WHOIS are the creation date and the expiration date of the website.

  • Owner Details:

The website has hidden their owner details on their website page from their customers.

  • Company Details:

The company details are provided by the website on both the “About Us” page and the “Contact Us” page.

The website has provided their company name and address on the website page.

But the address and company name provided by the website is copied from another website- Anniedresy.com

  • Payments:

On the website page, the website offers only one mode of payment-PayPal. Customers are only purchasing products by making transactions through PayPal. Cash on delivery and other modes of payment are not accessible on the website page.

  • Shipping & Delivery Scheme:

Worldwide shipping is accessible on the products delivered by the website. The website also offers free delivery on products over the cost of $99.

The website has set up different shipping costs for different countries based on the products and the customer’s destination.

  • Return Policy:

The website provides a 30- day return policy to its customers. Customers can return their products within 30 days.

-Customers must follow all of the steps outlined on the website in order to return an item.

-The customer has to provide the order no and describe the problem via email.

-Must send the picture of the item attached to the email.

-Products must be in the exact same condition as it was delivered.

-Products on sale or gift items are non-returnable.

-Customers must the return shipping fees of the products.

  •  Refund Process:

The website allows refunds for the customers. Refunds are only accessible after the return process is completed. After completing all the return processes the customers will get their refunds within 3-4 days.

Can we rely on heartsouthern.com?

No, Heartsouthern.com is not a reliable website.

From all the data we have collected about the website, we have found out that the website cannot be trusted.

The website has hidden many details regarding their work and also they have provided fake details about the company and location which they have copied from another website- Anniedresy.


Heartsouthern.com is another bogus website. We do not suggest this website for any kind of shopping.