Experts have caught this new Itemisinwaiting scam text send from false number: 7722622092 and 3123391227, that has connection with Itemisinwaiting com, an Itemisinwaiting text is forwarded to the individuals notifying them that their package is on waiting and for the conformation they should share their shipping-location to and the package will not delivered to them unless they pay outstanding tax balance. Your payment details will be submitted on the false site, which will be hand-over to the scammers.

Itemisinwaiting scam! Think before going to Itemisinwaiting com!

Best Defense

The best defense you could do against this Itemisinwaiting scam is to ignore/delete such false text.

False text!

Whenever you receive any text from Itemisinwaiting please, report it as this kind of false text are forwarded by the scammers to scam people by taking out all personal details of the people and will earn profit by sharing/selling their details. Please beware of Itemisinwaiting scam.