A puzzle is an interesting activity and powerful learning tool for your kids, which helps them to grow stronger and more independent. Buying wooden puzzles for your kids is an interesting idea, we find jeffpuzzle.com: an online store that is offering wooden puzzles.

Calm your mind and become more innovative with jigsaw puzzles but before you shop wooden jigsaw puzzles from the Jeffpuzzle.com site please read the Jeffpuzzle review carefully:

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Jeffpuzzle.com: Jeffpuzzle is a kid’s puzzle toy online store. Here you will get jigsaw puzzles such as rhino puzzles, bear head puzzles, blue eye cat puzzles, sea horse puzzles, wolf-dog puzzles, horse wooden puzzles, short-haired dog puzzles, butterfly puzzles, squirrel puzzles, etc, for your kids at low prices. You can spend quality-time with your kids or loved ones with jigsaw puzzles.


  • URL: https://www.jeffpuzzle.com/
  • Connection of Jeffpuzzle is: secure
  • Email: support@jeffpuzzle.com
  • The domain of Jeffpuzzle was created on: 30 July 2021 [check-whois.com]
  • Location: updated multiple locations
  • Payment: through PayPal
  • Phone number: not updated.
  • Return: return within thirty days.
  • Return condition: unused, original packaging, and same condition.
  • Shipping: offers international shipping.
  • Shipping cost: nonrefundable
  • Customer-review? No reviews.

Jeffpuzzle- A suspicious puzzle site!

Jeff puzzle located at Jeffpuzzle.com is listed as an untrustworthy puzzle site:


Multiple locations: this store has updated multiple locations. On the contact page, they have updated other locations and on their other pages like the terms-condition page, they have mentioned another location.

Mixed reviews: User’s review regarding Jeffpuzzle found on the internet, there are mixed reviews of the user’s on Trustpilot means some are in favor and some users are not in favor of Jeffpuzzle.

Unprofessional customer service: services served to the customers are unprofessional. They have no proper email address, phone number is missing and also there are multiple locations of the company.

Policies are unclear: all the policies are mentioned but, all the mentioned policies are not clearly mentioned.

Unknown owner: who owns Jeffpuzzle? It is not revealed. Jeffpuzzle domain was registered on 30-July-2021 but on the about us page they have mentioned that it was founded in 2020 and they have also mentioned some irrelevant details and its content is also copied apart from this Jeffpuzzle is not revealing its owner-details.

No social media icons: there are no presence of social-media icons or links on Jeffpuzzle.

Copied content: some of the contents of Jeffpuzzle are copied.

Freshly launched:  Jeffpuzzle is a freshly launched puzzle site.

Not popular: Jeffpuzzle is not a popular puzzle site.


This puzzle seller has so many loopholes which makes this seller look suspicious hence, we do not recommend the Jeffpuzzle.com store.

Puzzle is a perfect-activity, psychologist also recommends this activity for your mind its strengthens the mind and also improves the thought process so, you can try doing this powerful learning tool but Jeffpuzzle might not be a perfect puzzle site for you as we found Jeff puzzle site suspicious so if you come across this online puzzle site then, please return back and avoid shopping jigsaw puzzle from Jeffpuzzle as it is a suspicious online puzzle-site.