Hey, haven’t heard any conversation about Jordanhomesd.shop then, here you will definitely heard about jordanhomesd which will let you know whether it is a ‘real’ or  ‘fake’ shopping spot?

Jordanhomesd is an online shopping spot, selling Jordan shoes at affordable prices.

Jordanhomesd is a suspicious shopping spot!

Jordanhomesd, registered this February is now questionable shopping destination. We found some suspicious points about jordanhomesd which indicates that it might be a fake shopping spot.

  • We are the first to begin conversation about this shopping spot otherwise this shopping spot has no customer’s review and online review.
  • The location addressed on jordanhomesd is distributed among other shopping spots also.
  • According to scamdoc jordanhomesd has one % trust index.
  • Who owns jordanhomesd? It is not mentioned.
  • About us page of jordanhomesd is missing.
  • Payment option of jordanhomesd is not secure.
  • Quantity of Jordan shoes available are unlimited which a legit site for sure do not provide.
  • Interface of jordanhomesd is roughly maintained.


Jordanhomesd shopping spot is questionable for now as this Jordan shoes seller is a new seller but, after investigating on this spot we find this suspicious and it might be a scam spot for shopping hence, we do not recommend jordanhomesd.

If you want to talk about jordanhomesd then, you can freely talk about it in the comment place. Thank you!