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Jqfyst Review:


Here it is…

About Jpqfyst store:

Jqfyst is an online scam web-site that is selling products like: outdoor-storage products and sheds at affordable prices like 20 ft w*8ft D-Plastic storage sheds at $64.47, cowie 6ft w*3ft D-Metal garbage shed at $64.44, Factor 6ft w*3.5ft D-Plastic Tool-shed at $65.44, etc.


  • URL:
  • Shop selling: sheds and outdoor storage-products
  • Prices: affordable
  • Domain registration date:17-febuary-2021
  • Domain expiry date:17-febuary-2022
  • Email-id:
  • Contact number: unavailable
  • Company location: 1519 laurel street Palatka-Florida US Ayesha leonard
  • Return: available
  • Payment: online
  • Social media link of Jqfyst are: available
  • Customers reviews of Jqfyst: available

 Jqfyst collections:

  • Storage sheds
  • Garbage sheds
  • Tool sheds
  • She sheds
  • Bike sheds
  • Outdoor storage items

Why? Jqfyst is an online-scam web site!

Jqfyst located at: is categorized as: online scam site


  • Who owns Jqfyst? It is unknown. Online scam sites never reveal their owners and company real-identity. Every legit web site designs their about-us page for providing their owner’s & company profile but, the about us page of Jqfyst is not displaying such information’s. On Jqfyst-about us page you will only see frequently asked questions.
  • Communication modes information are not useful as they are also belongs to other online scam web-sites.
  • Jqfyst only accepts payment online. Legit web site also accepts payment on- cash on delivery and also online whereas, most scam sites only accepts payment online through “PayPal”
  • Contents of Jqfyst are plagiarized.
  • There are no trusted reviews of Jqfyst available on the web site and the online reviews of Jqfyst are not in its favor.
  • The prices of outdoor storage products and sheds are really unbelievable.
  • To scam customers this online scam store is offering Lowe’s clearance sale at unrealistic discount up to eighty per cent-off.
  • The domain of Jqfyst is going to expire soon on 17-febuary-2022
  • Trust score of Jqfyst is too low.
  • Jqfyst hasn’t assigned any Alexa-rank.
  • All the mentioned customer’s policies of Jqfyst are irrelevant.
  • The email address available on Jqfyst is also used by other suspicious sites.
  • There are no trustable ratings available on Jqfyst.
  • There are “no trustable- reviews of the customer’s” available on Jqfyst.
  • Shed and outdoor-storage images are copied; the same images are also available on other “scam shopping websites”.
  • Popular website mostly show their presence on social media platform, Jqfyst has social-media links but, the social media links of Jqfyst are not useful because, when clicked they will loop you back to Jqfyst web site.


Choosing Jqfyst store for online shopping will be the worst decision ever as this shopping destination is a scam so please beware of Jqfyst. We do not recommend Jqfyst.

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