Haven’t seen any review of jumias.com online? Then, nothingends site is here for you. Nothing ends will give you hints about this online site legitimacy based on which you have to decide whether jumias is safe site or you will get shocked by knowing its real side.

Jumias.com Review: Shocking! Scam? Read Review before shopping!

Jumias.com, newly formed on 15-december-2021 is an online store which seems to be a fraud store so, Read jumias.com review before shopping.

Jumias.com: Might be a fraud online store!

Jumias located at: https://jumias.com/index/user/login.html seems to be: A Fraud online-store but, why?


  • Who owns jumias? Not known.
  • No other sites have posted jumias.com reviews yet.
  • Company location of jumias is not known yet.
  • The interface of jumias.com seems fishy.
  • Jumias have no customer reviews.
  • This store is misusing jumia- A Nigerian marketplace by displaying its logo.


Jumias.com is a new site, before driving into this site users have to enter some details like account name and password. After accessing password it claims to land you to its official site but, it is not safe to trust this site now, many stores are available on online world that first ask users to login and after that land them  to the scam world so, jumias.com might also land users to the fraud world. Jumias.com is also taking advantage of jumia brand by using its logo on jumias.com store hence, we do not recommend jumias.com site.