Is Kfgov a scam place? You came to the perfect place if you want to know about online shopping store.

Do check-out Kfgov Review! Kfgov is a fashion shopping store. On Kfgov you will get various collections of shoes at competitive prices.

Kfgov is a freshly launched online shopping place so; it might be another scam shopping place for this you has to check

Just like: Fvnayo,  Seamall, Trisegg Kfgov might be another scam online shopping place.

We evaluated the Kfgov website, to show you the true colors of this shopping place! Do have a look at the Kfgov review.

On Kfgov you will get Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and other brands of shoes but, you should think before buying shoes from this online shopping place as this shopping place is too fresh which might be a scam place.

Red flags found!

  • User’s interface of Kfgov is highly un-professional.
  • On their about-us page, Kfgov hasn’t updated their owner’s name and all the specific details of the company are also not mentioned.
  • The domain name of this online shopping place is but, while updating their store and describing about their site this shopping place has mentioned the name of another newly crafted shopping place i.e. shopping place.
  • On the about us-page they have updated the name of another shopping store which is also a newly generated-shopping store and when you will check out that shopping place their theme and everything is the same.
  • Updated about us information is copied from another e-commerce site.


Kfgov is a suspicious shopping place!

We have categorized Kfgov as a suspicious online shopping place. Not only us other websites are also not in favor of this shopping place due to the following listed Kfgov-negative highlight.

Negative highlights of Kfgov:

  • The telephone number of Kfgov is fake. Telephone number is also owned by other companies.
  • Lots of red flags were found on Kfgov but then also this shopping mall has got all positive buyer’s reviews, no negative customer’s reviews found on Kfgov.
  • The company address of Kfgov is fake.
  • Product images of Kfgov are copied.
  • Payment mode: Not secure
  • The interface of the shopping site is not attractive.
  • According to scamdoc-Kfgov has got two percent trust score which is not good indexing.
  • Kfgov is not linking to a working social connectivity-page.
  • Kfgov is providing products at suspicious discount rates.
  • To buyers, the Return and refund policies of Kfgov are not favorable.
  • Kfgov allows its buyers to shop their products in bulk but, real shopping stores do not offer such choices.
  • Top-quality of products are not available in this shopping place.

A lot of red flags were found on Kfgov which makes this shopping-place suspicious hence, we do not recommend as we found this shopping place suspicious.

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