If are looking to shop products from Ksacr.shop then you need to be very-careful as this online is not a doorway to great online shopping as this is not a legit online shopping shop. To know why this is not a gateway to great shopping stay connected.

Ksacr.shop: ksacr is an online shop that offers amazingly designed bags at extremely effective prices.


  • URL: https://www.ksacr.shop/
  • The connection of ksacr is: secure
  • The domain of ksacr, created on: 22-September-2021
  • Email: not available
  • Location: not available
  • Company number: not available
  • Social connection: links are unavailable
  • Return: accepts return
  • Shipping: offers worldwide shipping
  • Reviews? Not available

Ksacr.shop – another shopping scam!

Ksacr.shop located at https://www.ksacr.shop/ is categorized as another shopping scam-shop:


  • This online shop is misusing jacquemus-brand by displaying jacquemus logo at its online shop and this shop is not associated with jacquemus but then also it is selling jacquemus bags.
  • Contact-info page of ksacr is blank, shop is displaying its contact page but, when the customer will reach contact information page of ksacr it will show blank page hence, this shop hasn’t provided its number, email, and location.
  • This shop is similar to other online shopping scam sites such as Vogin.shop and Npaxe.shop, including site theme, content, product brand, and product images.
  • The return and privacy policy of ksacr are the same as npaxe and Vogin, there is not even a single difference in their privacy/return policies and even their shipping information’s are the same.
  • About us, information section of ksacr is copy-pasted from other shopping scam sites.
  • This shopping scam site has so many bugs and irrelevant information.
  • Jacquemus bags pictures available on Ksacr.shop are copied from shopping scam sites with their exact content.
  • Just like Vogin and npaxe online shop, this online shop is also misusing brand-jacquemus. all these scam shops have a .shop extension and their domain creation date is nearly the same.
  • The domain of Vogin.shop, registered on: 28-08-2021
  • The domain of Npaxe.shop, registered on: 18-09-2021
  • The domain of Ksacr.shop, registered on: 22-09-2021


After proper research, we lead to a conclusion: Ksacr.shop is another shopping scam site which is exactly matching with Vogin and Npaxe.shop so, we suggest you to please, avoid ksacr from shopping as this is not a safest shopping place.

Please beware of Ksacr.shop!  Thank you…