Before you step into Lacheeson online store for buying televisions! Do check-out review.

Just like other scam online television sellers Lacheeson is also another television scam online store that is claiming to associate with-Walmart.

Lacheeson is just like: torannet, Rendexu & Yepical. Lacheeson is an online store selling televisions by misusing Walmart and the prices of the televisions are reasonable.


  • URL:
  • Connection: connection of Lacheeson is secure.
  • Email:
  • Domain: domain of Lacheeson was registered on: 17-September-2021
  • Has no links of social-media.
  • Location: mentioned.
  • Payment-method: not mentioned.
  • Contact number: mentioned.
  • Return: within 7-days return will be accepted.
  • Shipping info: unclear.
  • Original shipping price: non-refundable.
  • Reviews? Have no reviews.

Lacheeson- Another Walmart scam store!

Lacheeson located at URL: is another walmart scam:


Misusing-brand walmart: Lacheeson is misusing brand-walmart by claiming to associate with it and showcasing walmart logo on its official online store.

No followers:  Lacheeson does not have any followers on social media or on its official site.

Who owns Lacheeson? It is unknown. On the about us info-page every, legit companies update their owners & but such info’s are unavailable on Lacheeson-about-us-page instead of this they have only updated fake info’s like this store is selling television but on about-us, they have mentioned that they are offering women’s fashionable items and also they haven’t mentioned website names, they have mentioned other website name.

New domain: most of the scam online sellers use new-domain; the domain of Lacheeson is also newly created.

Rough shipping policy is roughly mentioned on Lacheeson page.

Fake contact info: contact info updated on Lacheeson is not reliable. The location of the company is improper and seems suspicious. Lacheeson has shown its twelve-digit WhatsApp, number but the number also seems suspicious. On the page, they have updated the unavailable WhatsApp number. Have given two email address both the email address & are not similar to Lacheeson website.

Return: return policy of Lacheeson is tricky.

Return condition:

  • Original packaging required.
  • Must be in original-unwashed & unworn condition.

Payment info: payment info’s are unavailable on the official-page of the website and it is also not allowing Cod-cash on delivery payment-option.

Other websites are not in favor: other web-sites are also not in favor of Lacheeson; this television seller has unfavorable online reviews.

Another television scam: Lacheeson is the same as Yepical, Rendexu, and torannet-television scam stores.

Our suggestion:

Dear visitors! If you want to buy television online then avoid fake online television-seller & choose only legit online-television sellers.


Lacheeson online television seller is not a legit seller; it is another walmart-scam store so, avoid buying a television from online television store.

Like torannet, Yepical, Rendexu, and Lacheeson do you know some other scam-television shopping store? Do mention those scam television sellers in the comment-section.

Be a happy-customer by choosing a legit television seller! Thank you, visitors.