Is a trustworthy store? Read this Review to know the legitimacy of Lihoby.

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Is it a trustworthy store? Review: Is It a Trustworthy Store?

Lihoby is the lowest price online store. The products of Lihoby includes gentleman’s suit, family pajamas, leather shoes, coats, casual pants, hoodie, woolen sweater, shapewear, bag, cotton clothes, warm shoes, women’s boots, and hats.

Red flags: has mentioned that they want to earn customers’ trust and loyalty by making high-quality products but this store has many red flags which make Lihoby an untrustworthy store such as:

  • This store domain was registered on: 24-September-2022 and will turn off next year.
  • Who owns Not Known.
  • The contact methods of are not genuine.
  • The customer policies of are unclear.
  • The social media links of are unavailable.
  • The trust level of Lihoby is too low.
  • Online reviews of are negative.
  • Lihoby is accepting PayPal payments. Review: Is It a Trustworthy Store?

Is it safe to use Paypal?

Why it’s the first choice?

Is it a good sign if, the platform only accepts Paypal?

How to avoid being scammed on PayPal?


Lihoby located at: is not a trustworthy store so shoppers should maintain a distance from Lihoby.