With the rising online scams we love to help our visitors by providing them the review of all online sites. Our today’s review is about Lillyio.com site.

Lillyio.com is a shopping site that is selling outdoor items, furniture, sports, bicycle and power tools at affordable price but, customers will fall into the scam by trusting lillyio as lillyio is not a trustworthy online site.

Lillyio located at https://www.lillyio.com/ is a fake site!

Lillyio is categorized as a fake site but why?

  • The registration date of lillyio is too new.
  • The location of lillyio is fake.
  • Who owns lillyio? It is unknown. We did not find any clue regarding the lillyio owner.
  • Lillyio is not showing its domain name or website name logo instead of this lillyio is showing other logo.
  • Contact number of lillyio is missing.
  • Social icons of lillyio are missing.
  • There is no proper policy regarding the product refund.
  • Allowing its visitors to buy unlimited quantity-items at one time which no legit
  • There are no customer’s reactions.


Visitors should avoid shopping from lillyio as lillyio.com is another fake online site for shopping so, please beware of lillyio.com website.