Now a day’s Online shopping scams are big bulletin all over the web so, you need to be very attentive while selecting any online shopping store. If you are thinking of shopping from Lopstaytop that you need to check out review to know: Is it legit or scam multi-product online store?

Lopstaytop is an online multi-product store that sells multiple products such as gaming accessories and women’s fashion clothing, etc, at a cost that customers can afford.

Before you add on any items from lopstaytop to your cart you need to check out its review-carefully. Is lopstaytop a scam multi-product store?

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  • URL:
  • Connection of lopstaytop is: secure
  • The domain of lopstaytop was created on: 13/September/2021 and is only valid till 13/September/2022
  • Email:
  • Location: 2905-bryant street palo alto –California-94306 US
  • Phone number: 16465045861
  • Return: return is valid only for thirty days
  • Shipping: Orders will be shipped within 15-20 days
  • Social connection links: available
  • Customer-review? no reviews

The intentions of lopstaytop- A multi-product online store are not pure, its online intention is to empty your pockets, it is trying to scam its visitors, to know the reason behind this big statement is mentioned below.

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Lopstaytop: A questionable online store!

Lopstaytop located at- is recommended as a questionable multi-product online store:


Broken links: Lopstaytop features broken social connectivity-links. Various Broken links are available on lopstaytop.

Fake contact details: all contact modes such as location, company number, and email posted on lopstaytop are not real.

No reviews spotted: there are no customer’s reviews spotted on the internet as well as on the official site not even on Trustpilot.

Negative online review spotted: negative reviews of lopstaytop have been spotted online; no other sites are in favor of this multiproduct store.

Who owns lopstaytop? Not known yet.

Missing Products pictures: pictures of the selling products are missing. There are multiple products available on lopstaytop but their pictures are not displayed. Product pictures are blank, when you will click on any blank picture of the products then it will land you on some other online sites.

Bad interface: user inter face of lopstaytop is not attractive and user friendly. They have not shown their products images. Product sections are empty and when the user will click on any of the products then they will bounce to some other online-shopping stores.

Low score: lopstaytop has gained less trust score means this multi product platform is ‘not gaining much popularity.

Fully copied content: Contents of lopstaytop are fully copied from other platforms.

Fully suspicious policies: return and shipping policies of lopstyatop are fully suspicious. All the policies updated on this multi product shopping platform are blur means that are not clear. They have mentioned policies just to look real but after proper research, we found that policies are suspicious and seem like they are also updated on other online shopping platforms.


Lopstaytop is a freshly introduced online store so, for now, lopstaytop is a questionable online-store and potentially a fraud online shopping store so we suggest you to avoid lopstaytop online store.

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