Lovspace com is a global shopping destination that might be a scam destination so, think before shopping from this destination, Shop from this destination when you are fully confident that this is a real shopping destination. To know whether this is a real or scam shopping destination stay connected with us and check its Reviews here……

The website you are choosing for your shopping is a scam website; the reasons for this are listed below:

The domain will expire too soon:

• Domain of this scam shopping destination is newly registered on: 11-may-2021 which is valid for one-year.
• The domain of Lovspace will expire soon.

Suspicious information section:

• About section of this scam destination is improper, the owner’s name is not listed on this page. about us-page contains the main information of every website such as company address, the foundation date of the company, and the company owner name but this page of Lovspace com do not have any such important details.
• Lovspace does not have real information on their about us-page.

Products are missing:

• There are no products till yet on this shopping platform.
• This shopping destination has mentioned that they provide products in three core categories such as apparel, gadgets, small accessories, home, and gardens but, there are no such products available! Scam alert

Only Single payment mode available:

• Do not accept “cash on delivery”.
• Accept only PayPal/credit card

Fake connectivity:

• Social connectivity links such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are fake, and they are not working properly.
• This shopping destination is not popular on any social media platforms.

Customer’s reviews are missing:

• This destination does not have any products due to this the customer’s reviews are missing
• Listed not even a single review.
• All the Online reviews of this shopping destination are negative.

Communicate with Lovspace only through email:

• This website has listed only their email address on their platform which seems untrustworthy.
• Company address is not addressed.
• Company contact number is not addressed.


We are binding up this post by declaring Lovspace com as a scam shopping destination hence; we would like to request you to please stay away from this scam shopping destination. Do not choose Lovspace as your shopping destination.

The domain of this shopping destination is registered only for a short period of time which is one of the main reasons for requesting you to stay away from Lovspace.

Hope you find this post very helpful in knowing the true side of this shopping destination, please let us know and also aware other people by sharing this with them.