is a suspicious shopping website. The website has so many hidden details regarding their work.

As you all are aware that there are so many scams site that portraits as genuine websites and deceives people by tricking them into high discount offers.

There are so many scam websites out there, and the number is growing by the day, so we recommend that you always be aware of such bogus sites and do not fall for the scam.

Also, read some of the articles on some of the hoax websites:

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Company Name: Not Given

Owner Name: Not Available

Creation Date: 16-12-2020

Expiration Date: 16-12-2021

Contact No: (586) 799-2973

Address: YCI Technology Ltd, 19H Maxgrand Plaza, No.3 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Worldwide Shipping: Not Available (only Sweden)

Return: within 14 days

Refund: If applicable

Cash on Delivery: Not Accessible

Payment Options: Visa, Master Card, PayPal, JCB, Discover, American Express

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

What is Lyckrea? is an online retail store that sells all kinds of items; clothing, footwear, or home and kitchen items at discounted rates.

There are so many items available on the website page. There are different sections and categories available for different products.

Men’s and women’s accessories and items are available in different sections.

The products that are displayed on the website page are:

Clothing Items:

Women: jackets, pants, sweaters, short skirts, swimsuits, pajamas, short-sleeved, coats, undergarments & shape wears

Men: shirts, vests, pants, short-sleeved, sweaters, underwear, pajamas, jackets & coats

Women Bag’s: handbag, waist bag, storage bag, travel bag, computer bag, courier bag, backpack, mobile wallets & makeup bag

Men Bag’s: shoulder bag, travel bag, storage bag, computer bag, wallets, cardholder, waist bag & backpack

Women’s Accessories


Women: sports shoes, ordinary shoes, winter shoes, leather shoes, sandals, slippers, high heels & shoe accessories

Men: boots, winter shoes, ordinary shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, safety shoes, sandals, slippers & shoe accessories

Men’s Accessories

Electronic Items:

Lamps, bicycle accessories, telephone accessories, car accessories, and other electronic equipment

Sports & Outdoor:

Sports equipment, sportswear, and other outdoor equipment

Household Items:

Kitchen tools, bathroom items, cleaning tools, tools, health care items, garden pieces of equipment, home decors, animal supplies, organizer, and storage items

Gift & Toys Items:

Crayons, building blocks, stuffed toys, fidget toys, armbands, board games, spray bath toys, etc

Halloween Items:

Halloween-themed costumes, garden miniatures, Halloween pumpkin, lamps, wall decorations, decorative lights etc.

You can choose your favorite products from all of these categories.

Is Lyckrea a trustworthy online platform?

On the basis of our research is not a reliable web store and we do not advise people to make any purchase from this website.

Now we will mention some of the details about the website’s reliability:

  • WHOIS database:

There is no record present about the website on the WHOIS database.

  • No company details:

The website has no details on their website page regarding the owner and company details.

  • Shallow details about return & refund:

The website has provided an easy 14-day return on the products. And refunds are also accessible if the return criteria are fulfilled by the customer.

Although the policy about their return and refund process looks shallow. And they have set up some criteria about return and refund that are not acceptable.

  • Social links aren’t working:

The website has provided many social links on their website page but the provided links aren’t working. Not even one link is working; all of the links are broken.

  • COD is not permitted:

The website does not permit cash delivery on their products. PayPal is the only permitted option given by the website for their customers for making transactions.

  • Broken payment options:

The website provides a number of payment options for their customers but all the options are broken they are not working. The provided payment modes do not work and they are not even clickable. Thus, the only mode of transaction is PayPal.

EndNote: is a scam website because it conceals a lot of information about itself. The website is unable to provide important information about itself, which raises suspicions.

Besides that, the website is new and only valid for a year. The website domain will expire on December 16, 2021.

Furthermore, Lyckrea is a shady shopping site that we advise you to avoid.