Have you seen the popular television series Squid Games? Have you enjoyed this series as well and want to buy customized items like masks, shoes, clothes, hats, etc, and many other items at cheap rates then Manyol.com might be the best shopping place for you.

About- Manyol.com

Manyol is an online website that is entirely based on a TV series squid game. The website offers all of the items that are related to the series including shoes, toys, clothes, jerseys, hoodies, t-shirts, masks, caps, phone cases, and even similar jerseys worn by the participants in that game.

The website also provides their client with free global shipping on some of their products.

You can get your favorite items here. For example

  • Hoodies
  • Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Masks
  • Backpacks
  • Shoes
  • Phone cases
  • Toys
  • Christmas decorations

 Website Specification

URL: https://www.manyol.com/

Domain Creation: 29-05-2020

Domain Expiry: 29-05-2022

Owner Detail: Not Available

Company Detail: Not Available

Contact No: Not Available

Email Id: manyol@wheelhigh.com

Cash on Delivery: Not Accessible

Payment Modes: Visa, Master Card, Discover, JCB, PayPal, American Express, etc

Social Media: No Links are provided

Shipping: International Shipping

Return: A 30-day return

Refund/Exchanges: If applicable to the products

Is Manyol.com an unsafe internet site?

Yes, Manyol.com is indeed an untrustworthy shopping website.

The main reasons why we do not recommend Manyol as a good shopping place are as follow:

  • The domain registration for the website is about to expire.
  • The shopping site is also quite new.
  • Incomplete WHOIS details.
  • Hidden details on website pages.
  • No cash on delivery on their products.
  • Other methods available for making payments are not working.
  • No social media links are presented.
  • Infinite purchasing options for a single product.
  • Shipping and delivery methods are questionable.
  • Conflicting return and refund policies.

These are some of the main reasons why we suspect Manyol as a fake shopping website.

We constantly remind you of these points as you’ll be safe in the future and do not fall into the clutches of such websites.

And, if you found this article useful, please share it with others and alert them as well about such websites.