Now a day’s Group me Ipad giveaway is in everyone’s eyes as this is one of the trendiest topics but, are they really offering giveaway of Ipad?

Let’s talk about this giveaway for your personal safety….

Before knowing about this giveaway you all should know about group me.

What is group me?

Group me is a messaging application created in the year 2010 by a private company which is owned by Microsoft. This application is now on trend because of the giveaway that they are providing to the users and users starts believing them.

What is a group me giveaway?

Group me application claims to organize an iPhone giveaway by clicking on the link provided by the giveaway the users will reach to a scam website, by clicking on the given link users will get detailed details about the prize.

Group me support!

Hello!! We sent you a free I-phone 11 pro


Link: http:// group me//

Winners: 72217…

Is group me giveaway scam?

Before believing on such giveaways users should read about these giveaways as a lot of fraud giveaway text messages are popping up in the internet world. Group me giveaway has surprised users as they are giving iPhone to the users, all the users will be shocked when they will come to know that this giveaway is fake they will not receive any iPhone.

End line:

After analyzing the website it was found that this giveaway message is fake so users are requested to block or delete this type of fake message and also please don’t leak your personal information by trusting on such fake giveaways.

The giveaway message is being circulated by the scammers so, please beware of it! For data privacy and security immediately delete it.

Stay alert and be safe from this giveaway! Delete it! Ignore it!  Aware others also about this scam giveaway.

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