Miusoul is a fake online seller that was registered on: 23-August-2019 and claims to sell kitchen, furniture, auto parts, power station, cooler, fitness & sports, garden & outdoor, drum and more such products that you like. To know why this is a fake online seller stay connected and check out the review of this online portal.

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This online portal is categorized as a fake seller but, why?

This online portal was introduced in the year-2019 and this is enough time for any online portal to update their website with more facilities and more products but, since the year 2019, this portal hasn’t worked upon them to provide the best services to their visitors.

This online portal has a poorly framed interface and theme, its interface is not interactive. When we visit any genuine website then we found it attractive and also their product and products content are so much interactive and everything is in the proper manner but the design of miusoul store is very rough.

  • Fake online sellers provide bulk buying product options and this website is also providing products in bulk.
  • Cash on delivery will not be accepted, only payment through PayPal will be accepted by this online-portal.
  • This online portal is not visible on any social platform.

Miusoul accepts telephone and email communication, this they have written on their customer support service page but for this, they have not mentioned their telephone number only email is provided for communicating, which is doubtful.

  • About miusoul there is no useful information available like its business aim, business owner name and proper information related to the products.
  • Recommended return policy is very tricky and unclear. Return will not be accepted if the returned product will not be in its original condition.
  • The return address is not given it will be provided when the customer will send mail to the given email address, which is not an authentic email address.
  • If the customer will select the expedited shipping option then they have to pay $20 shipping charges otherwise the shipping cost is free for standard shipping.
  • All categories of products do not have the proper brand name. Products displayed on this portal are in non-systematic form, it is hard to understand the products that which category and brand do it belongs and even their name is not mentioned in a clear-manner.


Miusoul com is a fake online portal as we have highlighted the negative sides of this portal that are enough to prove that this is a fake-seller so, the visitor should not prefer this online portal from shopping.

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