Are you interested in to take out loan? Then, before taking loan from this platform do check this loan solutions platform review to know about this loan-solutions platform legitimacy. Review: Scam or best solutions for the loan?

Is best solution for the loan? is not a loan providing company; it’s a comparison tool & financial/ loan search-engine that offers users best financial offers & solutions.

Users can request for loan as much as they need but, before trusting this platform do read the following points about site which will help you in knowing legitimacy.

Lenders allow and decline credits, not mokney.

For committing frauds might be scammers’ platform as we found negative elements.

  • Trust level of is medium to low.
  • Who owns mokney? Not known.
  • Customers’ feedback? Unavailable.
  • Online reviews of are unavailable.


Mokney has claimed that they have approved ninety seven percent of loans and it has more than 1000-users but, still no users have mentioned their feedback. Talking about the whois record of mokney, whois result is showing that is an invalid/unsupported domain hence, we do not recommend mokney.