Have you received any text from National Health Service for ordering test kit then, please beware of NHS TestKit Scam. Think before ordering test kit as the text is not from NHS, it’s from the scammers.

Testkit scam!

NHS Testkit scam text says that you have been in contact with a person affected by the omicron- variant so please purchase a test kit from nhs.order-testkit-gb.com, phishing site.


NHS Testkit Scam! Think before ordering test kit!

Is nhs.order-testkit-gb.com scam?

  • The domain of nhs.order-testkit-gb.com is few days old.
  • Who owns nhs.order-testkit-gb.com? Not Known.
  • User’s reviews for nhs.order-testkit-gb are missing.
  • Online reviews of nhs.order-testkit-gb are unavailable.

Nhs.order-testkit-gb.com is a suspicious site hence; we do not recommend nhs.order-testkit-gb.