Before buying anything from any online store customers should check the website twice as the shopping site that they choose might be new fraud. Today we are going to introduce a new scam shopping platform that is misusing a popular brand Nike to fool the customers. Nktrainer is a new-scam shopping platform but why? Scroll down to know the reason.

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Nktrainer Review!

Nktrainer is another new –scam shopping platform that is similar to another scam shopping platform that is also new.

This website is brand new and similar to xnksale store, you can also cross check these both scam platforms that are misusing the Nike brand.

The Positive highlights of Nktrainer:

  • All over the world, this company delivers fashionable sneakers.
  • This store guarantees a safe shopping environment.
  • Sneakers at the best prices are provided by Nktrainer.
  • Over three items the order will be returned and shipped free of cost at your destination.
  • This company promises to deliver orders on time.

Nktrainer is not a genuine shopping store but why? If you want to know why then stay connected till last.

The Negative Highlights of Nktrainer:

  • Just double-check the Nktrainer website before clicking buy-now, this website is just the same as store.
  • The overall design of this website is similar to xnksale scam store.
  • The content of this website is exactly the same as the content of xnksale website.
  • All over the world, Nktrainer is an unprofessional online company.
  • Your email address is not safe with this platform so, please do not share your email with this platform.
  • This website has copy-pasted the same products which are visible on xnksale scam website.
  • This website is not using any social platform to advertise its store.
  • Before buying any product search, the product review and website review, they will help you to find out its legitimacy.
  • Company number, address, e-mail, and company profile are hidden.
  • This company is illegally using the Nike brand name and also its logo.
  • This website has limited details.
  • It is impossible to buy unlimited quantities of items from a legit company. This website is offering such deals of buying unlimited quantities like when we trying to find out the legitimacy of the site then, we checked its quantity section and we enter unlimited quantity like 9000 or other largest digit then it allows us to buy unlimited-quantity of items.
  • The Refund & return policies of Nktrainer is not sounding fair.
  • Offering heavy discounts on branded products this is not a good-sign.
  • Many fraud websites provide costly products of popular brands at very cheap prices, this store is also providing such fraud deals.
  • This store is advertising its products at un-believable low prices so, be careful with your purchase.

Difference between Nktrainer and xnksale scam store:

Only the difference between xnksale & the Nktrainer store is that at the bottom of the Nktrainer official page Nike logon is visible and its color is orange and the same logon is also visible on xnksale but its color is back otherwise everything including the logo, product, layout, and content are copied.

Our Suggestion:

Scam shopping sites succeed because they make their full efforts to look real. The major problem of shopping online is security concerns so it’s better to be alert and avoid unsafe shopping platforms.


It’s better to avoid the Nktrainer store as this is a scam store. Please avoid and stay alert from the website.

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