Scam activities on internet are raising so; visitors should do their best to defense themselves against scam activities by researching about them online and also ways to get out from scams. Is a scam activity? Review: Legit or Scam Activity? is a recently released shopping site selling seat covers, golf cover seats; etc at reasonable price but this site is too recent to trust.

This site is showing some negative signs which makes it suspicious.

Negative signs

  • The domain of Nlbpros is too new and will expire soon next year.
  • Most of the contents of Nlbpros are copied.
  • Nlbpros is not using secure transaction method.
  • Nlbpros has not published proper communication methods.
  • Cash on delivery is not a payment option instead of this other options for payment are mentioned which are not trustworthy.
  • The interface of Nlbpros is not user friendly.
  • Social account links are not updated on Nlbpros.
  • Shoppers haven’t posted any reviews on Nlbpros.
  • Nlbpros located at have unfavorable reviews online given by the experts.
  • Who developed Nlbpros? Not published yet.


All the negative signs of Nlbpros are indicating scam activity but, it will be too soon to declare Nlbpros as scam activity  as it is recently introduced hence we do not recommend Nlbpros.