We are not in favor of odxsay.com after doing proper research on it. If you want to know why we categorized Odxsay as a scam website then, stay connected.

Odxsay e-store is similar to Sukeoa store so, also do check out Sukeoa Review!

Odxsay is a few months old introduced e-store which is selling boating, bottoms, educational presentation equipment, supplies, and more products at least prices.

More products available on Odxsay are:

  • Home appliances
  • Jewelry
  • Denim dresses
  • Other craft and classroom supplies


  • Url: https://www.odxsay.com/
  • Shipping: shipments of Odxsay items are not provided outside-united states.
  • Shipping prices: free on-orders over $50 & charges under dollar fifty-$9.95
  • Return policy: return orders within 30-days.
  • Odxsay address: 25956 Camino Rosada Moreno valley-California-92551 US
  • Odxsay number: 12052956529
  • Odxsay owner-profile: not known.
  • Reviews: zero reviews.
  • Transaction: details of transactions are not mentioned properly.
  • Items: not clearly-defined.
  • Social media links: not-given.
  • Email id: Odxsay@outlook.com
  • Odxsay connection: Secure.

Odxsay: categorized as fake- online store! Do check out Odxsay.com Review carefully!


Products displayed on Odxsay are same as Sukeoa products only their categories are different.

Items category of Odxsay:

  1. Boating,
  2. Educational-presentation equipment and home appliances
  3. Bottoms
  4. Denim dresses
  5. Jewelry
  6. Other craft and classroom supplies

Items category of sukeoa:

  1. bottom
  2. dresses
  3. game console
  • The layout of Odxsay.com is very untidy; products on Odxsay are not categorized in a proper manner.
  • This e-store is same as the Sukeoa-scam store including the theme, products, policies, and services of the store.
  • The domain of Odxsay store was created on exactly the same creation date as Sukeoa i.e. on 12-July-2021
  • The telephone number available on this e-store is also available on another fake e-store.
  • Only the office address is different otherwise other contacting modes of this shopping mall are much similar to Sukeoa.
  • The email, telephone, and office address of Odxsay are totally fake.
  • From top to bottom everything is same as Sukeoa website.
  • The refund and return policy of Odxsay is exactly the same as website Sukeoa.
  • Company telephone number and company history of this online store are also same as Sukeoa telephone number & company history.
  • The company owner and company history page of this website is also same as-Sukeoa, only the name mentioned on the page is different otherwise whole history and profile are exactly same.
  • Shipping policy, delivery time, and shipping charges are also same as Sukeoa shipping policy/delivery time/shipping charges.


We do not recommend Odxsay.com e-store which is ditto same as another scam e-store named Sukeoa.com e-store.

Odxsay.com e-store can’t be trusted because of many faults we have already shown you above the real side of Odxsay.com store.

Sukeoa and Odxsay are same, only you can see the changes on their items category, email, and office address otherwise everything is same.

Please beware of both Sukeoa and Odxsay.com online store.

The intention behind the creation of this e-store is just to fool innocent customers so please stay away from this e-store and also create awareness among other people so they may also save themselves from Odxsay.com fake scam e-store.