This review will give you a clear image of the Olecci store located at; this is a jewelry store that has many reasonable prices of jewelry. We have done research about this jewelry store which is selling outstanding jewelry at a reasonable price and also this is store is few weeks old so it is really important to identify whether this new jewelry store is trustworthy or not? After deep research, we have identified that this is a suspicious jewelry store.

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Positive highlights:

  • Have outstanding collections of jewelry.
  • This store keeps prices keen and quality high.
  • This store connection is secure.
  • This store sells outstanding jewelry for both men and women.
  • Offers free exchange and return.

Will you recommend, just by seeing its positive highlights?  Before recommending this jewelry store you should also check negative highlights of this store, then decide whether you should recommend or not?

Olecci is categorized as a suspicious jewelry store but why?

Check out the negative highlights of this jewelry store to know why it is categorized as suspicious.

Negative Highlights:

  • This jewelry store is only a few weeks old.
  • As this store is few weeks old but still this store has got all positive reviews of the buyers.
  • The pieces of jewelry displayed in this store do not belong to any popular brand.
  • This jewelry store has received a low rating.
  • The designs of the jewelry are different but, their prices are almost the same.
  • This jewelry store provides only singular-payment mode [Paypal]
  • This store has not designed it’s about us section, which is the main section of every genuine e-commerce platform as it holds the full information about the website like its founder and business information.
  • There is no shipping policy mentioned.
  • The customer service page has no proper contact information, every detail regarding the communication mode is missing like company number, e-mail, and address. To contact the customer service team the visitors have to fill in their name email and message then, they have to click the send option but the communication modes of this jewelry store are missing.
  • Return and product exchange policy is not mentioned.
  • Model faces are hidden of this jewelry store, suspicious stores hide the faces of the models.
  • Products of this jewelry store have got five or 4.5-star ratings, this rating seems fake.
  • This store has shown social connection links but for connecting with the social-platform of this web site the visitors have to log in but still after login it will not take the visitors into the real social-media platform of this jewelry store.


Will you recommend this jewelry store after knowing the clear image of this store? We would like to suggest you, not to recommend this jewelry seller. This is a new suspicious jewelry store hence we do not recommend it.

Do you know any other jewelry store that you found suspicious? Please mention it.