As always, we are here to help our visitors to protect them from scams. Olitav.Top is too new shopping store to trust so, visitors might want to know whether Olitav is real or a new site to set up new-scam?

Olitav.Top review: Bargain or a new scam? Revealed!

Olitav.Top: A new scam?

Olitav located at is listed as “A new Suspicious” site.

  • Who owns Olitav? Not known.
  • The domain of Olitav is too new.
  • About us section of Olitav does not holds relevant information.
  • Customers’ policies of Olitav are not properly mentioned.
  • Flick your eyes at the product prices, prices of products mentioned on Olitav seems unrealistic.
  • Olitav does not have good reputation.
  • Olitav do not have any contact option as contact methods are unavailable.
  • Olitav is not using trusted/protected payment options.
  • Olitav does not have any negative feedback of the shoppers which is a bad signal, not even a good reputed business please everything, everything.
  • Expert reviews of Olitav are also not in favor of Olitav.


Is Olitav.Top a trusted source? Olitav.Top seems suspicious hence, we do not recommend Olitav. Do you want to say something about Olitav? Do mention at nothingends comment-area.