For online shopping lovers, scam shopping sites can be a major danger so, for their safety they should read the reviews of their selected shopping destination. Olivenorma might be another scam shopping site so, before selecting this shopping destination you should read its review.

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To attract the right and great energy Olivenorma store is providing energy-filled products at low prices.

Olivenorma has arrays of healing crystals, orgone pyramids, and chakra stones to guide the right energy but is it safe to buy energy filled products from Olivenorma, get to know the correct answer by scrolling down.

The positive image of the store:

  • The crafted energy filled products are at manageable prices with high quality.
  • Olivenorma store Offers rapid delivery.
  • To attract strong and positive energy towards the visitors this store has beautifully crafted energy filled orders.

Will you select the Olivenorma store for shopping energy filled items? Before selecting please go through this review then, decide whether to select or you. This review will help you identifying Olivenorma legitimacy.

Olivenorma store is listed as a scam site but why?

If you have landed on Olivenorma store then, you should know why the shopping store that you choose is listed as a scam, to know the reason scroll down and check Review:

  • One of the major danger of shopping from Olivenorma is that the store is not sharing its business’s genuine information like, when you will scan the about-us information page of Olivenorma, you will not found any information about the Olivenorma owner and address.
  • On the about us page, they are only describing their products and their quality.
  • The legit sites only provide minimum product quantity but on Olivenorma there is maximum product quantity available.
  • All the products can’t be returned.
  • This store promises of providing professional-customer service but, we found its customer service totally un-professional. Legit sites provide professional services to their customers through email, contact number, and address but, Olivenorma is not providing such services to their customers.
  • The shipping charges are non refundable.
  • The two emails facebook@Olivenorma and  displayed on Olivenorma’s contact page is fake.
  • This is not cash on delivery verified company; this is only PayPal verified company.
  • For connecting socially only a Facebook link is provided by Olivenorma and for that, they will ask you to log in to Facebook but after logging in it will not land you on the real Facebook page of Olivenorma store.
  • Full ratings and all positive public reviews are available on Olivenorma; this makes this store doubtful/suspicious.
  • To be eligible for order return, the order should be in the same condition but you should know that the legit site will not ask you to return the products in the same condition.

Bind-up: is a scam site that was introduced on: 04-06-2021, visitors should not prefer  Olivenorma store as this is not a trustworthy seller. Please do not select the Olivenorma store as your shopping destination.

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