Otigec, opened on: 18-April-2022 is a lowest ranking shop but, why this shop has received lowest raking?  Read this Otigec.com Review to know why?

Scam shop!

Otigec.com Review:  Is otigec a legit shop?

Otigec has got the lowest ranking as this shop has many red signals which indicate that this shop is a scam shop.

Red Signals

  • The domain of Otigec was registered a few months back.
  • Who owns Otigec? Not Known.
  • Online reviews of Otigec are unavailable.
  • The payment processing info page of Otigec is missing.
  • The trust level of Otigec is low.
  • The contact methods of Otigec are suspicious.

Otigec.com is a scam shop so; buyers should avoid buying from Otigec.