Oweft.com is a scam shopping platform that claims to sell outdoor storage shells at incredibly cheap prices. A lot of online shopping visitor wants to know whether they should trust this shopping platform or not? To know this read Oweft com Reviews: legit or scam seller?

Why Oweft com is a scam seller?

This online shopping portal is completely a scam. Due to many reasons, we are declaring this website scam which we are going to discuss below so, continue reading this post to know why this website is a scam seller.

  • The website logo is not matching with the domain name. The homepage of this website is representing the logo of a lifetime and when we tried to find out that this logo belongs to which domain then we came to know that this lifetime logon belongs to a website named lifetime.com.
  • Lifetime.com and oweft.com both the websites seem similar but their domain age is different like lifetime.com website domain was registered on: 16-November- 1993 and the domain of oweft.com was registered on: 30-June-2021.
  • About us-page of both the websites has exact similar content.

  • Oweft.com website has poorly-designed interface.
  • This shopping platform does not have a description in a clear manner and even the content is improper.
  • This website does not have a communication number, they have only given their email that is mismatching with its domain and seems suspicious.
  • The business address is also missing from this website.
  • Not even a single review of the customer was found on this website.

Final verdict:

A lot of visitors were confused that whether this oweft.com is trustworthy or not? Now have surely got their answer that they should not trust this website because this is a scam seller. Please beware of such internet scams.