Today we are discussing about a site name 2022 i.e Panddsy.Shop so that shoppers may know whether Panddsy is a legit shop or 2022 another scam.

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Is it a legit shop?

Panddsy.Shop Review: 2022 another scam or legit shop?

Panddsy.Shop is selling winter goods, hoverboard, kitchen households, and many more items at an amazing cost.

Scam sites do not mention domain-specific site names and this shop is also doing the same thing not only this but, there are many red flags attached to Panddsy such as:

  • The domain of Panddsy.Shop will turn off next year.
  • Who owns Panddsy.Shop? Not Known.
  • The buyers’ reviews for Panddsy.Shop are missing.
  • Panddsy is not available on any social media platform.
  • The contact methods of Panddsy.Shop look suspicious.
  • The trust level of Panddsy is low.
  • Online reviews of Panddsy.Shop are negative.


Panddsy located at: is 2022 another scam so please maintain a distance from Panddsy.