Have you examined your bank statement? Does your statement say you have PayPal prenote pending? Then, this article will really help you in knowing PayPal prenote informative data which will disclose the reality of PayPal prenote scam so, stay connected.

PayPal prenote scam! PayPal prenote informative data! Reality!

PayPal prenote scam!

Prenote is “zero dollars” test which is done to validate bank account details of employees. Fraudsters always search ways to attack people and this time fraudsters are attacking through PayPal.

Some banks noticed that users have received PayPal prenote on their accounts. Paypal prenote scams are on rise so, please beware of PayPal prenote scam! Always verify, account.

Be a cyber-security hero by fighting against these frauds and do share your views on the rising PayPal frauds.