Millions of people are doing transactions through PayPal as it’s the most popular & safe online transaction system.

Sometimes turns ugly!

This transaction system sometimes turns ugly but, how? Paypal is always the first choice for many online platforms, unfortunately; it sometimes turns ugly because scam activities still occur on PayPal. The scammer knows that millions of people use this transaction system so; most online platforms accept only PayPal, please be careful.

Why is PayPal always the first choice for many online platforms?

How to avoid being scammed on “Paypal”?

Always verify the legitimacy of the online platforms and emails before you leave your personal/financial information.

  • Check grammatical bugs.
  • Don’t click any links, directly log in to PayPal.
  • Don’t use any services or platforms, you’re not familiar with.

In the online market Paypal is the safest transaction system but sometimes turns ugly so, please beware of PayPal scams.