Are you aware of the Pegasus email scam? The internet world is surrounded by scammers so, you should not trust everything. With the help of spyware software, hackers can extract user’s personal data and other details globally from anywhere, with this day by day such scams are rising. Pegasus email scam is one such popular scam email that is introduced by hackers to extracts the personal data of the users. Pegasus email is sent to target innocent users by sending them a link via email. After few seconds the Pegasus email scam link will be closed just after the users’ click.

Pegasus spyware track locations & calls, camera, microphones, user’s text messages, and password so, please beware of this scam. This is not a fresh scam it is circulating for few-years now, in the email, the scammers only update the message every year and resend it to the victims.

Please report such scams whenever you face any of them. For your safety verify internet scams before believing them.

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