This women’s fashion store has grammatical error like on their top category they have mentioned jupsuit in place of jumpsuit and shose in place of shoes not, only this error but, this site also have some major drawbacks which are stated in this article. This article holds the review of which will reveal all the major drawbacks of this women’s fashion store.

Spring fashion at 15-25% off! Review: Real or Scam? Scam or Legit?

  • The domain of Pelilys is too fresh.
  • Who owns Pelilys? Not known yet.
  • Most of the suspicious store hides their models identity by not revealing their faces.
  • Expert reviews decide whether the site is scam or real one but, this women’s fashion store has no expert-reviews.
  • Social media links of Pelilys are not linking properly.
  • Customers have placed reviews on this fashion store but, all holds positive comments which are also a sign of danger as only suspicious sites can do this.
  • Contact methods updated on Pelilys seem fishy.
  • The transaction methods used by Pelilys are not secure.
  • This fashion store has not updated its exact physical address.

We do not recommend site. We have listed all the major drawback of Pelilys now, it’s up to your whether you should accept or reject this fashion store.