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What products do Pepmalls offers? is a newly established retail platform for bikers that offer an amazing and diverse collection of gloves, jackets, boots, helmets, and other bike-related accessories at low prices.

A variety of helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots with other accessories of bikes are available on the website.

WHOIS Database

In the WHOIS record of; only the creation date and the expiration date of the website are presented.

No other significant details about the website are presented on the WHOIS record.

Creation Date: 26-08-2021

Expiry Date: 26-08-2022

Owner/Company Details

Website pages of Pepmalls contain no information about the website’s owner or other company details.

The “About Us” page contains no details about the owner and company details.

Contact/Address Information

The website has provided their address details and email id on their “Contact Us” page.


Address: 2924 Emerson St. #206. San Diego, CA 92106 USA

No contact details are presented on the “Contact Us” page.

Transaction Method:

The website only offers payments through PayPal. No other payment method is given on the website page.

Cash on delivery is also not available on the website page.

Shipping & Return Guidelines

According to the shipping policy of Pepmalls; the website supplies its products only to the US, Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories.

No worldwide shipping is available on the products given on the website page.

A 30-day return policy and 60-day exchange policy are given by the website on their products.

Refunds will be only applicable to the products after the return process will be completed.

Our Recommendation: is not recommended for any type of shopping. The website is nothing more than a hoax website and we do not recommend purchasing from it.

Moreover, we discovered a website (Linylshop) that is similar to Pepmalls. Both websites are incredibly similar to one another. Their products and policies are also identical. The only difference between the two websites is their creation dates; otherwise, the entire website details matching.

As a result, we advise you to be wary of websites like and avoid making purchases from them. Because such websites exist solely to deceive people and steal their money and personal information.