Pvrel e-store located at pvrel.com is a leading e-store with amazing collections of kitchen aid at a low cost. Before shopping for kitchen-aid mixtures & other appliances from pvrel.com store do checkout this store review.

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Is pvrel.com a scam shopping mall? Get to know this within few-minutes after reading this pvrel review carefully.

Pvrel.com is a fake shopping mall!

Pvrel.com leading e-store is selling kitchen aid appliances and mixtures at least prices.

We all love to shop from such e-stores that provide us good quality products at affordable prices and exclusive discounts and pvrel is among those e-stores that are providing kitchen aid items at an affordable price but, please do not shop from this e-store just by seeing its discount deals as this e-store is fake.


  • The domain of pvrel is too new: Registered on: 16-September-2021 & it will shut down in 1-year.
  • Pvrel is not using its website/brand logo instead of this pvrel is using an American home- appliances brand kitchen aid which is owned by whirlpool.
  • Item return will not be accepted by pvrel without contacting their customer-service-staff but, they haven’t updated their customer service-staff number and other modes to contact them.
  • Various social handle links are displayed on pvrel but the given links are of no use. When you will click any of pvrel social handle links then it will not lift you to their social media page instead of this they will bounce back to pvrel e-store.
  • Transaction information is not clearly mentioned. Only unclick-able transaction links are displayed on pvrel.
  • Email address: nadagzhccz@gmail.com is not real as this email address is also owned by yeti coolers scam e-stores such as enmtw and other yeti cooler fake-stores. Email address is different from pvrel domain.
  • There are not many collections of mixtures and other products on pvrel e-store.
  • The owner of pvrel is not known and the office address of pvrel is also not known.


  • Url: https://pvrel.com/
  • Shipping: shipments of pvrel are spread internationally.
  • Shipping method: free and standard shipping.
  • Return policy: return an item within 7-days.
  • Pvrel address: unavailable.
  • Pvrel number: unavailable.
  • Pvrel owner-profile: not-revealed.
  • Reviews of customers: contain zero reviews.
  • Transaction: details of transactions are not properly mentioned.
  • Delivery: Deliveries of items are spread-all over the world.
  • Total Delivery time: transportation time + processing time
  • Items: not clearly defined.
  • Social media links: given.
  • Email id: nadagzhccz@gmail.com
  • Return-condition: not accepted without contacting pvrel staff.
  • Pvrel connection: Secure.


We would like to bind up the pvrel.com review by concluded that pvrel is not a real e-store so please beware of pvrel.

You will put yourself in danger if you do shopping from this fake e-store so, please be very careful.

Do you know any other fake kitchen aid e-store or do you want to say some-thing about pvrel then in the comment section please answer it.