Love for online shopping never ends, so we visit many online shopping stores to shop whatever we need. All over the internet, many online stores are evolving and a lot of buyers get confused that which online store they should trust and whom you should not trust. Rendexu is a new online store selling LED and OLED TV.

You may also have visited the Rendexu shopping store and you may want to know whether Rendexu is a trustworthy shopping store or not? Then you search for genuine Rendexu reviews ends on the website. Rendexu is a freshly emerged online shopping store which is selling OLED and LED TV at reasonable prices.

Categories of products

  • Samsung OLED/led TV
  • Sony OLED/led TV
  • TCL OLED/led TV
  • LG OLED/led TV


  • Shipping: shipping information page not found.
  • Return &refund: refund and return policies page not found.
  • Rendexu address: unavailable.
  • Rendexu contact number: not-mentioned.
  • Rendexu owner profile: not-mentioned.
  • Reviews of customers: no review’s
  • Accept transaction: only through PayPal.
  • Contents & product images: found copied.
  • Delivery: offers worldwide delivery.
  • Products: Products are not defined properly.
  • Social media like links of various social media pages are given like Facebook link, Instagram link, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter link but these, when clicked, will redirect you to the website page.
  • Product return-condition: no condition mentioned as the return policy page is unavailable.
  • Rendexu connection: Secure.
  • Email id: not-mentioned.
  • Url:

Rendexu online shopping store was newly registered on: 06-September-2021, now the question is that is Rendexu a legit-online shopping store? For knowing its legitimacy, continue reading the Rendexu review.

Is Rendexu the best online store to visit?

Rendexu is not a best online-store to visit due to many reasons which we are going to share with you.

  • Rendexu is misusing American-multinational Retail Company by using its logo i.e. Walmart for promoting their online-store, which is not a trustworthy sign.  Like each individual has his/her personality similarly every online store has its own brand logo to represent its online store.
  • Social connectivity page links are available but, the given links will not redirect you to their social connectivity page instead of this they will redirect you to the Rendexu official page.
  • Owners and company profile page[about-up page] are visible but, when you click on it to know its owner/company profile that it will show you result that page not found hence, owner/company profile is unrevealed.
  • The Contact information page of Rendexu is available but, when you will click on the contact-us page then in the outcome they will show you: the requested-page does not exist.
  • Return, shipping, and refund policies pages also do not exist.


We lead to a conclusion that Rendexu is not a trustworthy online-store there are a lot of data missing on this online store. Customers’ reviews on the store are not visible and according to scamdoc, has got one per cent trust-index which is a very bad index.

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