Retaica: 2021 women’s fashion store is here for selling various collections of women’s attire at manageable costs. If you are looking forward to shop from Retaica com then, before shopping you should check the reviews of this women’s fashion store so that you may make a clear picture in your mind about this women’s store that whether you have to select this platform as your shopping place or not.

The positive image of the store:

  • Large arrays of women’s attire are available in this fashion store.
  • Free order return accepted within thirty days.
  • All over Fast shipping
  • This women’s fashion wardrobe is selling attires at keen prices.

Retaica available collections:

  • Tops
  • Spring &summer dresses
  • Cardigans
  • Two pieces set
  • Long sleeve tops
  • Long sleeve dresses
  • Sweaters
  • Casual dresses

Have you landed at Would you like to shop from Will you recommend the Retaica store? Before making any decision please scroll down to know more about

This store is listed as a suspicious women’s fashion store but why let’s move further and check out the negative aspects of this store.

The negative image of the store:

This women’s fashion store came into the online market just a few months ago, from its domain registration date since now this fashion-store is not maintained properly.

The customer’s review section of is filled with five star ratings and all positive reviews, not even a singular negative review is not displayed which makes Retaica store suspicious. Every trustworthy store contains negative as well as positive-customer’s review only untrustworthy stores contains all positive reviews, not negative reviews just to fool their innocent customer’s.

  • The profiles of the models are not visible on this shopping place and duplicate contents are also found on this women’s online fashion store.
  • Visitors can see the presence of business address and number but, the address, as well as the number, is not real. On the map, the visitors will never get the exact address. This store misusing other company’s addresses just to fool innocent visitors so that the visitors may start believing that the store is trustworthy.
  • The email address of this women’s fashion store is different from their domain/website name. If the customer’s service modes will be inaccurate then, how the visitors can trust that store.


We listed in the suspicious store list. This store is potentially unsafe hence we do not recommend the store.  We would like to suggest you please, do not recommend the Retaica store and also aware others about this suspicious women’s fashion-store.