This review holds the clear image of ringind com that sells elegant jewelry. Before shopping for jewelry from this online store, visitors should know the real sides of this jewelry store as it is the new online jewelry store so it might be a new-scam.

The positive image of the store:

• This store has crafted its online store with amazing jewelry.

• Prices of the pieces of jewelry are keen.

• Amazing collections of jewelry are available.

• This store claims to sell high-quality of jewelry.

The visitor really wants to know about this new-online jewelry store whether this is a legit jewelry store or not so, if you are one of those visitors then stay connected and check the review till the end.

This is a new-store that is claiming to offer various jewelry options, you can check out the various collections of jewelry by visiting this new jewelry store. Before making any decision you should explore this website properly and check out its reviews. We are here to provide you genuine review.

The negative image of the store:

  • The HTTPS connection of this jewelry store is secure, which is a positive point but, when it comes to the creation date of the domain, it was created just a few weeks ago so, the buyers should not trust this jewelry store as the domain of this new-store is valid only for one year.
  • This jewelry store is gaining less popularity and lower ranking.
  • Now, let move to the about-us page information of the web-site: This information page does not hold the owner’s name and details, this lists the website as a scam site.
  • The contact information page only contains a query form, no other communication details are provided so, and this indicates that this jewelry store is not constructed professionally.
  • This store has zero social media presence Some pieces of jewelry have got full star ratings, these ratings can’t be trusted.


Based on the above-highlighted factors, we lead to a conclusion that jewelry store is totally unsafe store, right now this store is? Questionable as it is a fresh store in the online world and it might be a new jewelry scam so, do not prefer it.

Have you experienced any scams over this site or any other online store? Then, please feel free to share your scam experience so, that it may also help other visitors and this could create more awareness.