Internet shopping frauds are very common internet fraud these days so, the shopper needs to be very smart while shopping from online from any store online. Always check review of online store before you buy from them. Today we are presenting you Review to know about this store whether it is legit store or leads you to “shopping scam”.


Here it is…

Visit: nothing for knowing about more “internet -shopping- scams

About Rosemays store:

  • Rosemays is a comprehensive shopping web site.
  • Rosemays covers clothing, household tools, accessories, decoration items, etc.
  • Sells all the items at cost that their customers can afford.

Rosemays Highlights:

  • URL:
  • Store for: all genders
  • Price: reasonable
  • Connection: secure
  • Domain registration date: 03-january-2022
  • Domain expiry date: 02-january-2023
  • Contact number: 4407854562
  • Location: unavailable
  • User interface of rosemays: not much captivating
  • Return: accepts request in certain-conditions
  • Shipping: orders above sixty nine dollar {cost is free} and shipping time depends on its “type [shipping type]”
  • Social-media links: unavailable
  • Payment: online payment
  • Review: unavailable

 Rosemays: scam or happy shopping?

Rosemays located at: “” is a scam


Rosemays has not properly displayed its products; there are no products that lie under certain category even they do not have proper description and brand name mentioned. You may have noticed that trustworthy shopping sites like these: top 10 shopping sites always have proper description about what they are selling and even they have displayed items under their categories.

“About us page” is displayed on rosemays but, it is not holding proper company details. About us page of rosemays have introduced other online store and also all they details on this page are not truly genuine, the information’s are totally irrelevant and fake.

Website name is: rosemays but on about us page website name mentioned is: Lucu & everything mentioned is about Lucu store not about website.

The email address of rosemays given is not trustworthy we can present you the list of many stores that uses same “email address”

Internet search:

It will show you list of shopping stores that uses this address.

List of suspicious site using this address:

  • Lucu
  • Pandamays
  • & many more suspicious-site

There are no limitations of buying rosemays products as they haven’t set any limitations on their product quantities, which scam sites mostly allows to their customer’s.

 Rosemays is only allowing its customer’s to do payment online through PayPal other than this they have not given cash on delivery option to their customers. Legit sites always gives its customer [cash on delivery] safe payment option for payment.

Return policy of rosemays is complicating as they have set some strict conditions for returning products that a trustworthy site never put for their customers for returning their products.

There is not even one single customers review seen on rosemays.


After smarty researching about rosemays we lead to a conclusion that rosemays store is newly opened but, we found many loopholes on rosemays that scam stores have and with this we have finally concluded that is not a happy and safe place for shopping online.